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2013-08-16 19:58:03 by cantanim

I'll probably be posting flash stuff here in the future, maybe doing collabs. If you're reading this and I'm not e-famous, take a screenshot and timestamp it. If and when I hit it big you can be a hipster with proof! By the way, I'm a hipster without proof. I've been lurking Newgrounds on and off since '08. Anyways.


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2013-08-29 03:12:16

Welcome, welcome, to the show that never ends... you can check in any time you like, but you can never leave O__O That's not my standard greeting, but i think you can handle it!


2013-10-21 09:33:37

Screenshot saved. You better do the same for when I hit the big time.

cantanim responds:

Will do!


2013-10-22 01:37:53

Good luck


2013-11-29 05:11:28

So, anything new? Any idea on what you'll do for your next animation?
What kind of salad dressing do you like?

(Updated ) cantanim responds:

Working on an iPhone parody–like that hasn't been done before! I think I'm going to make a new Newgrounds account under the handle "branhandle" because I'm a sucker for silly two-word usernames. I'm going to be putting a lot more time and effort into animation, and I think a new account follows suit. I'll make a news post here when that happens. And thanks so much for your support, it really means a lot!

As for salad dressing, I had this delicious carrot ginger dressing at a Japanese place. Not sure if a pool of sweet dressing sprinkled with lettuce counts as a salad though.


2014-04-16 14:20:44 So, has real life put a damper on your animation activities?