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The animation is awesome. Seriously. It's so hard to animate long monologues and have them ACT and not just be a talking statue. Everything looked super fluid, and even though this seemed more narrative-driven than anything, I could've turned the sound off and still enjoyed it.

The plot was decent. I thought the jokes were a little... goofy, but I think that's what you were going for. As a pilot, this definitely served the purpose of introducing the character and foreshadowing future conflict, so I bet you can pack in a lot more interesting stuff into the next episode. Looking forward to it!

Awesome! I really digged the Salad Fingers vibe you had going on. The voice acting and art style were spot on. The movie could've gone on for ages with no end in sight and I would've kept watching because there were so many points of interest and humor within the construction of "The Scream." But I'm glad the end did come, because it tied the whole thing together.

Most importantly though: "Super lovely bum bogeys."

I thought it was pretty good. It reminded me of asdfmovie but funnier--asdf tries to hard to be teh wakky rand0mzzz funny but this was a lot better written. Only thing I would criticize is the consistency in volume. The art and animation were definitely rough but in a way I think that lent itself to the offbeat humor.

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Wow. Not what I was expecting at all. The physics were so weird and floaty and I was expecting something half-rate, but what I got was a charming and original platformer. The enemies' 3-D-ish look seemed out of place but in a way I think it contributed to their creepiness. Otherwise, the story and gameplay were spot-on. This game was overall a work of art, even if it didn't look like one.

Was confusing until I accidentally pressed x. It doesn't indicate that you have to press x to advance anywhere, but without doing so you can't finish the level.

Pretty cool concept, but the last level was way too hard.

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Hypnohustler responds:

There's a pretty easy way to beat the last level :) You have to sacrifice the bird to a tentacle just after deploying the egg. That way it should land in an empty spot.

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